Kadala Parippu Vade (Bengal-Gram-Dhal Vada)

editedIMG_7402Kadala parippu vade is a crispy, spicy and a quite heavy snack that I make at home for tea time. I have seen the same dish , maybe with little adjustments here and there, in many Indian food blogs. It seems like this dish is in fact quite popular in south Asia.

edited IMG_7394

So, shall  we start ?



edited IMG_7390

2 ½ cups of Kadala Parippu (Bengal-gram-dhal)

One large onion; finely chopped

5- 6 green chilies or 3-4 thai red chilies

1 tbsp of red chili flakes

1 ½ tsp of finely chopped garlic

1 tsp of finely chopped ginger

1 tbsp of Maldives fish (Umbalakada) – optional

2 spikes of curry leaves

Salt to taste

Oil as needed to deep fry


 Wash, rinse and keep the dhal soaked in water for two hours prior cooking.

edited IMG_7388


Take small portions of dhal and other ingredients and slightly grind using an electric blender or a pestle and mortar (miris gala or wangediya). Importantly, it should not be too creamy after blending. In fact, it is better to use the grinder than the blender.  After, mix all the ground ingredient with your hands thoroughly. At this point you can taste the batter and adjust salt and chili. Now, heat the oil under medium temperature. Then, using your hands, form the vada as you prefer and fry under medium heat until turn they turn to golden color. Remember to turn the vada accordingly, while frying.

edited IMG_7399

 Note: If you are using an electric grinder, it is not necessarily needed to finely chop most of the ingredients as chili and garlic, but, it is preferred to do so.



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