Milk Rice ( Kiribath)

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Milk rice is a traditional Sri Lankan Dish which is a definite necessity to any auspicious ceremony. This dish is usually eaten with traditional Sri Lankan chilli paste which is called ”Lunu Miris” in Sinhaese.

In my household, sometimes I make this dish for breakfast. Whenever we have a birthday, milk rice is the first food I prepare on that day. My mother used to do that since I was a child and I am simply following her footpath.

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  • 2 ½ cups of washed rice ; Kakulu Haal or Basmathi (pre-boiled rice(Thambapu Haal) are not recommended)
  • 4 cups of thick coconut milk (Uku kiri)
  • Salt to taste and as needed
  • Water as needed


In a rice cooker or a cooking pot start cooking the rice with extra ½ cup of water than the regular water requirement Specifically, if you are using Basmathi in a rice cooker, add water up to your second finger line of your middle finger, above the rice. Also, remember to add around 1 tsp of salt as well. Now, soon after the rice is cooked add the coconut milk and mix really well. Then, simmer it under medium heat. Finally, spread it on a serving plate and cut it in to pieces as you need.

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