Aggala (Sweet Roasted-Rice Balls)

editedIMG_7523This Sri Lankan cuisine is made with rice, fresh coconuts and some spices. Almost every Sri Lankan household has extra rice in the kitchen. I am pretty sure that you can make aggala with the ingredients you already have at home.

Aggala is a traditional Sri Lankan sweet. Sometimes, it is used as a snack for tea time.



3 cups of Samba rice

2 cups of scraped coconut or 2 cups of prepared cooked treacle-coconut (Pani-pol) – refer to the recipe in Rasakama.

¾ of sugar (If using cooked treacle-coconut (Pani-pol), do not add additional sugar)

Salt to taste

¼ tsp of ground black pepper powder (or to taste)

Water as needed


First, wash the rice until the water becomes clear. Remember, it is important to get rid of the rice dust much as possible. Now, roast the rice under medium heat until they become golden color.


Importantly, it is necessary to continuously stir during the roasting. Once it is done, let it aside to cool down and grind it with any type of a grinder. Finally, add the coconut, salt, pepper and water on to the ground rice and mix with fingers and make balls.


Note: If you are using Pani-pol (cooked teacle-coconut), make sure that it is at the room temperature when you mix with the ground-rice. Using raw coconut is a fast way to make Aggala. In Sri Lanka, this dish is made differently in certain regions. I have tasted few types and I prefer using pani-pol instead of raw coconut. But, frankly, this is the method I make most of the time as it is faster and easier. One other thing, if you have resources to sun-dry cooked rice, that’s the true traditional way of preparing the rice. In fact, back in old days and still in villages, they dry the rice left overs and make Aggala. Anyways, I have never done that but I have tasted Aggala that were made like that. To be honest, the taste is almost the same. So, better to stick to the easier way.



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