Thala bola (Sweet Sesame Balls)


editedIMG_7576 Sesame seeds are used in many cuisines. They are very nutritious. They are rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin E, dietary fiber and many more nutrients. Whether they are used for bagels or “thala bola”, these seeds have a nice nutty taste with a crunchiness.

The snack/dessert recipe I am sharing with you today is made with sesame seeds as the main ingredient. It is called “thala bola” in Sri Lanka. If you translate it directly, it literally means sesame balls. This dish can be served as a New Year dish as well.



300g of white sesame seeds

200 mL of treacle or ¾ cup of sugar

2 cups of scraped coconut

2 tbsp of semonila (Rulan,sooji)

Water as needed

¾ tsp of ground roasted cardamom, fennel and cloves

Few cashews (optional)



In a cooking pot, under moderate heat, roast the sesame seeds until turn to medium-gold color. Remember, it is necessary to stir continuously throughout the roasting process in order to evenly roast the sesame.


 Ground roasted cardamom and cloves

Refer to its recipe in


Roast the semolina under moderate heat level for several minutes until they turn to golden color. Same as with sesame, it is important to stir continuously.


First, start boiling treacle and ½ a cup of water in a cooking pot (If you are using only sugar, make sugar-caramel-coloring first and boil sugar in 1 ¼ cups of water).


Once the treacle starts to bubble, add the coconut, cashews and ground roasted cardamom, fennel and cloves.


Now, continue cooking the mixture under medium heat for about 3 minutes while stirring, frequently. Then, lower the heat and add prepared semolina and sesame to the pot.


Now, under low to moderate heat, continue cooking the mixture for about 4- 5 minutes until it turns to a slightly stick consistency. Remember, it shouldn’t be lot sticky, just a bit.


After, take the pot out of the heat and let it cool down a bit and make balls when it reaches a temperature that your hands can tolerate. Frankly, it is better to do it when it is warmer, else it will solidify fast. Then, let them aside to cool down and enjoy…



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