Dhel Badala (Sweetened deep fried breadfruit)


Breadfruit is a vegetable that is widely accessible in Sri Lanka. There are few dishes that can be made using breadfruit. One of the most popular snack made out of this vegetable is sweetened deep fried breadfruit.

In Canada, in the region where I live, it is really difficult to find a breadfruit. Sometimes, we see those only few times a year, that also if we are lucky. We found this breadfruit from a Sri Lankan store and I made this snack right after we got home.

Here is the recipe.




  • 1 Breadfruit (Dhel Gediyak)
  • ¾ cup of sugar
  • Salt to taste
  • Water as needed
  • Cooking oil to deep fry


First, cut the bread fruit in to slices and then to thin pieces as shown in pictures.



Remember, when you slice it in to large pieces at the beginning, you have to cut off the thick center-piece(Nahaya). Now, wash the cut pieces thoroughly in order to get rid of the sticky coating. Then, add around ¾ tsp of salt and mix with fingers.


At this point you can start heating the oil under moderate heat level. Now, start deep frying the breadfruit pieces. Remember, you have to be careful when you drop in the pieces to boiling oil, for few seconds it may throw oil out of the pot. So, keeping that on your mind, stay at a safe distance during the first few seconds. Ok, now continue deep trying until it turns to very light brown or golden color. It will take some time to reach this point, but remember, once it is very light brown, it will turn to golden color really fast. So, at this point you should be ready to take the pieces out of the pot to prevent over-frying. Ideally, you have to take the pieces out of the frying pot soon as they start to turn to medium brown color.

Method – Crispy sugar coating

In a cooking pot or a pan, start boiling the sugar in ½ a cup of water under medium heat. It is preferred to frequently stir throughout. Once the sugar mix start to bring more white bubbles, lower the heat and continue cooking until it turns to a thick consistency.


The best way to check this is to take few drops and pouring on to a plate. Like this you can see how thick it is now.


Remember, the sugar syrup should never turn to light brown at any point. If this will occur, it means that the sugar is either over-burnt due to excessive heat or you haven’t been continuously stirring. At such instance, redo this from the beginning. So, when you have brought this to the expected thickness, drop in all the fried pieces and mix in the sugar mix very rapidly. Within few seconds you will see that the fried breadfruit pieces are being well coated with solidified sugar.



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