Devilled Prawns (Sri Lankan Style)

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Sri Lankan devilled prawns dish is one of the most popular seafood dishes in Sri Lanka. I first tried it in a Sri Lankan restaurant near the beach, in Galle.

At home, I actually take extra time to make Sri Lankan chilli paste just to make this dish. I cannot complain about the extra effort because the end result is amazingly tasty. I assure you that this is the correct way to make this dish. The term “devilled” here refers to a spicy dish. If you are still reading, you probably like this type of devilled dishes. I already have few more devilled recipes and you can anticipate to see those in my blog in near future. So, shall we?


500g of raw prawns (with shells)

2-3 Banana Peppers (Malu miris) ; sliced

1 large tomato; cut into cubes

2 medium-sized onions; cut in to cubes

1-2 leeks – cut the white portion into mini logs of 2cms

1tbsp of finely chopped garlic

1tsp of finely chopped ginger

½ a lemon

½ tsp of dry chili flakes

2 ½ tbsp of Sri Lankan style Chinese Chili paste (Refer to its recipe in Rasakama)

1 ½ tbsp of Tomato sauce (Ketchup)

1 ½ tsp of Soy sauce

1 ½ tsp of Sesame oil

4 tbsp of cooking oil

Salt to taste and as required


Firstly, add ½ tsp of salt and squeeze the lime onto the prawns and mix all together. Then, let it aside while you cut vegetable and prepare the rest.

Heat a generous amount of cooking oil in a pan. For the sake of this recipe, I would say around 4 tbsps. Then, stir-fry the prawns until they turn to light-golden color.

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At this point, lower the heat a bit and push the prawns to a side of the pan, and fry the garlic and ginger, separately, for about 30 seconds.

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Remember, while you are frying ginger and garlic, you should also stir-fry the prawns to prevent excessively roasting the shells. Now, continue frying all for few seconds more and add soy sauce and sesame oil. Then, increase the heat a bit and add all the vegetables, except the tomatoes, and stir-fry continuously for about 1 minute.

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After, add the tomatoes, chili paste, chili flakes, tomato sauce (Ketchup) and little bit of salt, and mix all together in a rapid motion.

IMG_6490 editedNow, lower the heat and cook for about 15 seconds while continuously stirring.IMG_6503 edited

IMG_6486 editedFinally, transfer it to a serving bowl quickly to prevent being over-cooked.

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  1. How long can you keep the chilly paste in the refrigirator?

    Just back from sri lanka and made this dish with the paste a couple of days ago! Amazing!



    • You can keep this chilli poster for weeks without a problem, but you must keep it in a clean, boiled glass container and you must seal properly. Don’t keep it in the fridge in an open container. Other thing is use. A clean, dry spoon whenever serving.

      Glad you loved my recipe 😊.


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