Skates (Maduwa Fish/ Madu Malu) curry – Sri Lankan style (Southern)

I am sharing another Sri Lankan fish recipe today. This fish is called ” Madu Malu” in Sinhalese as the title says. I always try to make healthy curries for my family even though I only have very little time to cook during the day. Trust me, this dish doesn’t take much time to prepare.   Here is the recipe. IMG_8105 edited


IMG_8099 edited

500 – 600g of Skates (Madu malu)- cut in to medium sized pieces

Half a medium sized onion; finely chopped

2 cloves of garlic; finely chipped

½ tsp of finely chopped garlic

1 tsp of ground black pepper

1 tbsp of ground red chili powder

1 tbsp of roasted curry powder

1 green chili – chopped

¼ a stick of cinnamon

Few curry leaves

A piece of Pandan (Rampe)

2- 3 pieces of Bridle Berry (Goraka)

2 cups of water

Salt to taste

How to make a Madu malu hoddha (Skates curry)

First, grind all the ingredients except the fish and water and make a paste. If you don’t have a heavy duty food processor, either boil the goraka pieces prior grinding. Also, you can keep the goraka pieces soaked in little bit of water for several minutes before using. Now, finally, combine the fish, the paste and water in a cooking pot and cook under medium heat level until it turns to a very thick gravy.

IMG_8102 edited

Now you can enjoy…



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