“Roast Chicken” Recipe (Sri Lankan fast food restaurants’ style)


Today, I’m giving you all  a very popular chicken recipe from Sri Lankan fast food menu. I think almost all Sri Lankan fast food joints have this tasty “roasted” chicken with a golden and crispy crust. This goes as a great side dish with mostly all of the main dishes in Ceylonese fast food joints. Personally, I like its company with fried rice or koththu rotti (chopped roti pieces cooked with vegetables and a spicy gravy). Ok, now let me tell you why I have quoted the word roast so far. The truth is, this dish is not made in an oven or any machine that sort of. This is simply a deep fried whole chicken. However, in Sri Lanka, no one calls this particular dish “deep fried chicken”. In fact, I don’t think that most people even know that this is made by deep frying. Since way back I always wanted make this at home, just to learn how to do it. So far, I couldn’t find the recipe online and trust me most I asked from had no clue either. Well, with my experience of roasting meats I knew that it is hard to get this unique texture in an oven and that this must be a deep fried dish. Yet, it needed to be clarified before I start deep frying a whole chicken in a barrel of oil. Then, I got to know that I have run after useless sources to find the recipe while already having the best source right at home. That is my husband. When I was telling him how no one knows how to make this popular dish he smiled and told me that he knows how to make it and that he also had that doubt long time ago that it mustn’t be cooked in an oven. So how he learnt that was, one of his friends owns a very famous fast food joint in Colombo and accidently he had seen how it’s been cooked back in the kitchen. So finally, my guess was right, it is deep fried and yes, I was able to get the true recipe from his friend over the phone. I hope you will also find this recipe useful.



  • 1 skinless whole chicken (any size of your preference) – I used a 1.1 kg today.
  • 1 tsp of table salt
  • 1 lime

Sufficient cooking oil to deep fry the chicken. It is not necessary to waste too much of oil fully merge the chicken. You can use enough oil to submerge the half of the chicken in. I used a pretty wide wok and had to use around 2L of oil to merge half of the chicken. But if you are use a narrower and a deeper pot, may be you can use lesser amount of oil.


How to make “Roast Chicken” – Sri Lankan fast food restaurants’ style

First, gently apply salt all over the skinless chicken with your fingertips in a massaging like motion. Then, after about 2 minutes squeeze the lime over the chicken and rub it with a squeezed and leftover lime piece. Now, preheat the oil until it starts to generate small air bubbles from the bottom of the pot or to 375 Fahrenheit. Then, gently and carefully bring in the chicken and deep fry until the whole surface of the chicken is evenly golden and crispy. If you are using oil only enough to partially merge the chicken in, turn the chicken often. Even if it’s fully merged in oil, you should turn sides at least 4 times when deep frying this chicken.




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