Sri Lankan Egg Bun- බිත්තර පාන්


Sri Lankan egg bun is one of the most popular and healthy short eat recipe that you can still find in old style Sri Lankan fast food joints in Sri Lanka. I do not know the exact place it is originated from, but I do know that it was there for the past two generations. To illustrate, my parents and my parents in laws have had this particular bun even before we were born. My husband mentioned that when he was little, there was this bun van which comes before breakfast time and in the afternoon to sell these buns with other Sri Lankan buns like ” kibula banis”, “seeni banis“, “nikan banis” and “cream banis”. Also, he told me that when he went to school in Sri Lanka, three of his favourite food from cafeteria were egg buns, seeni sambola egg buns and Chinese rolls (Sri Lankan fish rolls). Being a fast food addict, he used to buy at least one kind every single day.

Sometimes, I make these buns for breakfast as its really simple to make and this food actually reminds us of Sri Lanka… nice old memories of our visits and many sweet childhood memories for my husband. Furthermore, I like to introduce more of our food to my children even though they are still very little. I usually make special ones without green chillies for them.

I must mention that there is another way to make egg buns and that is with seeni sambola . If you wish to make it at home, I have added the link. When you are making seeni sambola egg buns, you do not add anything to the bun other than boiled eggs and seeni sambola. That being said, let’s move on to today’s recipe “Sri Lankan egg buns”.


Ingredients (This is for 2 egg buns)

  • 2 egg buns or hotdog buns
  • 1 ½ boiled eggs- sliced
  • 1 green chilli-sliced
  • ¼ medium size tomato cut in to thin slices
  • Butter –optional
  • Ketchup or any other tomato sauce
  • Some pepper
  • Salt to taste


Cut everything in to think slices except for the bun. Place all the sliced ingredients in the bun. Sprinkle some pepper and salt over the bun. You can add sauce of your preference if you wish.

Enjoy !




  1. Mmmmm.. yum yum… I go back to good old school-days when I see these.. These had been my lunch during most of the days.. in my school, each was Rs.3.50 back then, that is only the much I could afford per day.. This is more than 15ys ago.


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