Ceylonese Iced Tea අයිස් ටී


Sri Lanka is world famous for its finest quality tea production. Even in here, I can bury Ceylon tea which is 100% tea that is produced and packed in Sri Lanka. You must be wondering why am I saying that it’s 100% tea when I already said it is tea. It is because some tea packets which we can buy from supermarkets have some other leaves combined with real tea and some tea packets have some sort of food color to give a more of reddish-brown colour than the real colour.

Even though, we have the finest tea, it wasn’t always cultivated in Sri Lanka. They started to cultivate tea during the British era. Before that, our ancestors were used to drink beverages like Iramusu and Belimal. Most of Sri Lankans drink tea now, but there are still people who continue to drink our very own plant base beverages. In fact, my husband and I had the opportunity to drink iramusu with hakuru from a house in countryside few years ago. I must say it was delicious and very soothing. Unfortunately, I cannot find any of those plants here in Canada and even in Sri Lanka, they are quite difficult to find in towns.

In most of Sri Lankan households, they prepare tea every morning and every afternoon. They call it, morning tea and afternoon tea. Morning tea is usually taken with breakfast and afternoon tea is usually taken with a little snack. Butter cake, biscuits and buns with jam inside are pretty famous for afternoon snacks. Also, whenever someone visits us, the first thing we ask is “thekak bomuda?” තේකක් බොමුද? or shall we drink some tea ? or what would you like to drink… tea or a cold drink ?

The recipe I am sharing today is a basic iced tea recipe. It is great to drink this tea during hot summer days. I personally think that it is so refreshing and soothing. The delicate sweet taste of this tea is simply amazing for your taste buds. You may be amazed to hear that I am not a tea drinker like usual Sri Lankans do, but even I enjoy this tea even in winter. Today, it was snowing, but I did drink this delicious iced tea I made.



  • 600 ml boiling water
  • 3 Ceylonese black tea bags
  • ½ lime juice
  • 4 tsp of sugar
  • water


Put the tea bags in to the boiling water and keep them there for 2 minute. Remove them and add lime juice and sugar. Mix well. Keep refrigerated before serving.



  1. I have tasted a super iced tea with several slices of lime at the bottom of the glass then the iced tea with sugar topped with ice cubes.


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