Ambarella Juice ඇබරැල්ලා බීම



Ambarella is a seasonal fruit that is widely available in Sri Lanka. One may remember the word “pickle” right after reading the word “amberella”. It is simply because ambarella is famous for ambarella pickle. Well, it’s not a pickle that you eat with rice or any other main dish. It is eaten as a spicy, salty snack. I am so so sure if it’s still happenning, but when I was young I have seen people selling such pickles near schools. Those pickles are the best ! Good old summer vacations ! Like always, I started to write something and ended up writing something else. There is just so much to write.

Coming back to today’s recipe… It is none other than ambarella juice. It is a basic recipe and if you are living in Sri Lanka, it is inexpensive too. You can probably pick a sac full of ambarella from your back yard. Here, it’s another story. Ambarella are very expensive here as they are rare. I still love the taste of it so much, whenever hubby sees this fruit in Chinese or sometimes in Sri Lankan store, he buys it for me. If you haven’t tried this juice yet, try it at least once.

This juice has a mix of sweet and a delicate sour taste.



  • 3 ambarella (small)
  • 1tsp of sugar
  • Pinch of salt
  • Water


First, cut off the skin of ambarella and cut them in to small pieces. Blend all those pieces with sugar. Then, strain the amberella juice to separate the juice. Now, add a pinch of salt and mix. Refrigerate before serving.



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